The Scaleup Academy


Are you scaling a startup, but aren’t one of the fortunate few who have done so multiple times already?

Those who scale tech companies for the first time can quickly become lost in a maze of topics: setting the company direction, building a talent acquisition muscle, excelling in product management, acquiring growth capital – to name just a few.

This is why we’d like to invite you to The Scaleup Academy of the German Startups Association. The aim of these full-day workshops is to accelerate your learning curve when scaling a tech company. Hosted by Dr Martin Schilling (Author of The Builder’s Guide to the Tech Galaxy – 99 Practices to Scale a Startup into a Unicorn Company), this is an opportunity for startup leaders to gain hands-on knowledge to set their company on the path to becoming a unicorn company.


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10:30 - 16:30 Uhr


Catharina Fichelmann
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